Air Toxic

What you need to know about toxic air pollutants......

Toxic air pollutants are pollutants that are known or have the potential to cause serious problems to one’s health, such as birth defects and reproductive effects. These pollutants can also cause cancer or asthma and have adverse effects on the environment. Also known as hazardous air pollutants, there are 188 pollutants that are released into the air which include benzene, perchlorethlyene, methylene chloride, dioxin, toluene, asbestos, lead compounds, chromium, cadmium and mercury.

These toxic air pollutants usually originate from man-made sources such as mobile, stationary and indoor sources. Vehicles, factories, power plants, building materials and solvents all release air toxics and if exposed with enough concentration over a long duration, it is extremely harmful to the environment and people. When people breathe, eat, drink, ingest or touch anything that’s contaminated, the pollutants enter the body and accumulate in body tissues. Enough exposure to air toxics in ample quantities over a period of time can cause irreparable damage to your immune system and cause respiratory, developmental, reproductive and neurological health problems.